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Our mission at Beer & Food is to tell the story of Belgian beer at the same level of quality as the beer itself.

We collaborate with breweries, bars, restaurants, tourism groups, and other partners looking to promote beer and Food.

- Social Media Management - EN/NL/FR

Your customers are there. Are you? We develop social media strategies, and the content behind them, to strengthen your online presence. Grow your customer base with consistent aesthetics, professional-level visuals, and active audience engagement.

- Belgian Beer & Food | Print publication -

Belgian Beer & Food is a digital and print publication promoting beer and food to an international audience of bars, cafés, breweries, and restaurants. Published three times a year, we create channels for you to reach your consumer and business customers.

- Photo & Video Production -

Whether you want product photography for your new web shop, a well-crafted video for a crowdfunding campaign, or curated photo and video content for important press releases, we deliver beautiful and immersive visuals to help tell your story.

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- Motion -

Brouwerij Oud Beersel

Wanting to promote and preserve the Lambic tradition, Brouwerij Oud Beersel tasked us with telling their story of growth, decline, and rebirth.

Bourgogne des flandres

We spent the day in Brugge with Thomas Vandelanotte, head brewer at Bourgogne des Flandres, to see how he and his team push the boundaries of brewing in their Brewer’s Playground. With new beers pouring at the taproom every two months, we wanted to capture the essence of craft brewing and the art of experimentation.

Brouwerij Van Steenberge

We chatted with sixth-generation brewer, Jef Versele, about the importance of Gulden Draak in their brewery’s history, and created a short, yet powerful, piece to showcase their delicious Triple.


- Stills -


See the different photographic styles and techniques we use to create memories, emotions, and often times, thirst.


We help build strong and consistent visual identities though product, lifestyle, and event photography.

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- Paul Walsh -

An Irishman at heart, Paul is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Belgian Beer & Food magazine. When not setting up press events for local breweries, he is usually spreading the gospel of Pils. Paul leads all of the Business Development and Communications initiatives for Beer & Food.


- Cliff Lucas -

Originally from the US, Cliff is a product and lifestyle photographer and videographer. Chances are he’s wandering around a beer festival or editing photos, with either involving a hazy IPA. Cliff is the Artistic Director for Beer & Food and manages all photo and video production.